RecoLive MultiCam 1.1.0

The iPhone gets a frontal tally light

RecoLive MultiCam 1.1.0 is available today. This update adds some very important features.

First of all, the so-called "points of interest" or POI: It is now possible to choose where autofocus and auto-exposure are performed on the image. Just tap the location on screen as you do in the iPhone built-in camera app. When autofocus is performed, the location is also highlighted on screen.

Tap and hold the image to reveal a new panel with many new features. On this panel, you can switch from Auto to Manual mode. In Auto mode, autofocus, exposure and white balance are adjusted continuously. In Manual mode, instead, the adjustment is performed only when selecting a POI (tap on the image). You can also choose to always switch to manual mode when the camera goes live. This prevents adjustments, and especially autofocus, to be visible on the final production.

Exposure and white balance can be locked. When shooting with multiple cameras, it is important that colors look the same on all cameras. You can now adjust the white balance by filming the same subject on all cameras, then lock it and keep the same adjustment for the whole production.

Stabilization can be activated. This introduces a noticeable delay on the images displayed on the switcher, but the final production is not affected.

And finally, the torch is now under control. You can switch it on and off, choose its power and use it as a tally light.

But the most interesting feature is the ability to do all these things from remote. In fact, all these features are available on the preview screen on the switcher as well as on the camera screen. Check it out and share your reaction!

WARNING: RecoLive MultiCam 1.1.0 requires iOS 6.1. If you try to install or update the app on previous iOS versions, the App Store shows a very strange (buggy) message: "ix.ApplicationNotCompatible.WarningTitle".

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