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The Multi-Camera Shooting App

RecoLive MultiCam

Give your talents as a director free reign. Use your iPad or iPhone as a production switcher and additional iPhones or iPods as video cameras to be able to shoot as if you were in an actual television studio. View all cameras simultaneously, combine images together from several cameras, create transitions from one camera to another, and do it all live! Save your work in Full HD and share it with your friends.

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Wi-Fi Connection

Each iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running RecoLive MultiCam can be used as either a camera or the switcher. The device being used as the switcher shows a list of all the other iPhones, iPods or iPads in use on your Wi-Fi network. It’s easy to select the ones that you want to use as cameras. You can then see the selected cameras’ images and mix them together.

Display On All Cameras

With the switcher, you can display each camera’s images live. It is easy to select one and view it on the preview panel (only on the iPad). Simply click on →Live to include its video stream in your recording. A red light on the camera screen indicates when the camera is live.


Every time the →Live button is pressed, the app switches to the selected camera. Several transition modes are available: cross fade, wipe, cube and more.


Select two or more cameras to combine their images into one view. Several graphic effects are available: dashboard, flap, picture-in-picture and more.

Remote Control

From the switcher, you can remotely control camera’s zoom, focus, exposure, white balance, stabilization and torch.

Recording in Full HD

Each camera can record video in the highest quality available, up to Full HD (1920 x 1080). When filming has wrapped, each camera’s recording output is sent to the switcher which uses this input to create a final product. The resulting videos are of truly exceptional quality.


Transfer the final product or all camera rushes to the Camera Roll. You can then share directly on YouTube, import into iMovie or move to any other application on your iPad or iPhone. Transfer your creation to your Mac or PC via iTunes to import it into your favorite video editing software.

Additional features

  • You can select the camera used as the audio source for the whole film.
  • Include a PowerPoint, a Keynote or anything displayed on the screen of your Mac. This requires RecoLive Capture, our live video screen capture app for Mac.
  • Autofocus can automatically be disabled while the camera is live. This prevents the autofocus process to be visible on the production.
  • Tally light (front and back).


The app runs on any iOS device running iOS9. A Wi-Fi network is required (the personal hotspot of one iPhone is often enough). The app works without an access to Internet. Using an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPad mini 1 as the switcher is not recommended.

For more information, please visit our FAQ and watch our tutorials.

This app is not for live streaming. If you would like to stream over YouTube Live, FaceBook Live, Ustream, Livestream, Twitch or any other live streaming platform, please have a look to Switcher Studio.

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